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January 01, 2009



A few months ago, Monkey's parents went to have their aptitudes tested at Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation. They wanted to know if they were on the right career path.

The results came out quite differently. Both were very good at numerical analysis. MonkeyDaddy excelled at structural visualization while MonkeyMama was good at logical and visual stuff. MonkeyMama was also better at clerical stuff than MonkeyDaddy.

Structural visualization is important in engineering and medical fields, while clerical speed helps with tedious homework and paperwork. According to the research foundation, it was important to work in the fields that utilize the aptitudes as opposed to lack of it. So it is okay for MonkeyMama to go into engireering or medicine; it would be a challenge, but as long as it appeals to her other aptitudes, she would find the work satisfying. By the way, MonkeyMama has no interests in engineering or medicine at all.

Since it is too late for MonkeyDaddy to go back to school to start on engineering or medicine (assuming he has interests for those), the counselor suggested a different outlet for MonkeyDad to satisfy his structural visualization. She thinks he should do woodworking or modeling as a hobby.

As for MonkeyMama, the counselor encourage her to pursue statistical studies since she has interests and aptitudes for it, and hopefully she can do more analytical work in the future. She also suggested her to take up on photography as hobby.

MonkeyMama thought all this was quite amusing. It kind of makes sense because the aptitudes reflect the reality one way or the other. For instance, both Monkey's parents are interested in Legos. But MonkeyDaddy likes to build cool stuff with Legos, while MonkeyMama likes to collect cool Lego colors but is not at all interested in building stuff. Also, MonkeyMama handles all the paperwork in the households while MonkeyDaddy is busy showing the girls what one can do with blocks.

Naturally we wonder what aptitudes Monkey possesses. It would help with schoolwork tremendously if she has good clerical speed. By the look of her Lego camel here, she is probably good at building stuff like her daddy.

The test also tests other areas such as musical aptitudes and how good one can work with hands (dentistry, surgery, mechanics, etc.). We can't wait to send Monkey for testing. We think it will help her when it comes time to select her field of study.

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