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September 23, 2008

Grizzly River Run


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September 22, 2008

Gadget's Go Coaster


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September 21, 2008

All Dressed Up, Nowhere to Go


Well, Monkey turned 4 today. We had big plans for her originally. We were going to take her to Disneyland to have lunch with Princesses. But because of work, we had to cancel it. She had the outfit ready for royalty, but we weren't going anywhere. Monkey's mom wanted to get her a balloon just to keep up with the tradition, but not this year because she was too tired to go out. It seemed to get worse as the day went on.

She really liked her Princess dress, although she complained about the scratchy fabric later.

We thought about taking her to the zoo in the afternoon, but we got home really late last night, it upset Rugrat's routines, so nobody got a good rest. We were all very tired today. And when Rugrat was tired, she acted cranky. Yeah, so the mood was off from the start.

Then we made the girls take a nap in the afternoon. Rugrat wouldn't sleep, so she cried and her crankiness continued. As for Monkey, she just found things to entertain herself. She is an independent girl. She can play by herself just fine.

After dinner, we brought her the cake she got yesterday at the restaurant. She was happy to have yet another birthday cake. We sat her down, gave her a fork, and went on our way. Monkey's mom had to feed Rugrat and Monkey's dad had to research for a vacuum cleaner on the internet.

Pretty soon, we heard Monkey singing, "Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday [Monkey]. Happy Birthday to You."

Talked about heartbreaking!

So we asked her if she would like us to sing her Happy Birthday song, she happily said, "Yeah!"

We brought out candles and sang to her. Even Rugrat was excited.


As parents, we felt awful about what happened, but she didn't mind. She was so happy.

After a few bites of the cake, she was done. So we gave her the last present.


Now she has the entire Lego Duplo Dino collection. She loves it. She played for hours, and we let her stay up until 10. She asked us not to put the blocks back because she wanted to play more tomorrow.


Putting a man on the tree.


A very serious player. I should add that she created the entire scene herself. We didn't give her instructions booklets. Didn't see the need for it. It is her toys, she could do whatever she likes.

I think we did okay. Monkey seemed to have a very good birthday after all.

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September 20, 2008

Birthday at Grandparents'


Real men read directions.

We went to Reno to celebrate Monkey's birthday at the Grandparents'. We opened her gifts there. Grandpa was helping her with the Dream Stable Barbie.


It's very pink.

And then we put together Cinderella's Ballroom from Mega Bloks. Monkey is still into Princesses, Barbie, and dinosaurs, so we tried to get her these gifts.


For some reason, Monkey thinks it is a good idea to have the big Red Dinosaur and the blue Baby Dinosaur that she received as birthday gifts last year to visit Cinderella's castle.


Even this silly girl thinks it is funny.

Monkey was very afraid of Red Dinosaur last year because it roared and it moved. We put it in the closet in the guest bedroom for almost a year. We just took it out a couple days ago to show it to Rugrat. We told Monkey we would give it to Rugrat. Guess she decided she wanted it after all.

Notice how she grabbed Prince Charming in her hand. Her mom noticed later she tried to feed Prince Charming to the Red Dinosaur. Monkey was still afraid of the Red Dinosaur's big teeth, so Uncle had to help.


You can see Prince Charming in its mouth. I think Barbie was there to help.


Later Cinderella was on top of Red Dinosaur. So we said, "Oh, is Cinderella going to save Prince?"

"No! She is mad."

You gotta love this girl. She brings a lot of joy to our life.


But no worries, Baby is here to help.

It was very nice. We had a great time.

On the way home we were still happy about it that we got stopped by the CHP for speeding. We knew there were speed traps along the interstate, but we didn't expect them to work that late. Anyway, the CHP was going to give us ticket, but later he spotted a drunk driver, so he let us go with a warning. Talk about our luck!! We are buying lottery tickets tomorrow on her real birthday.

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September 19, 2008



Monkey had her check up today. She is a big girl. Her BMI is lower than last year, so that is a good news. We did ask the doctor if she was considered overweight and the doctor assured us that she looked normal and healthy. However we should keep her away from TV.

It was a very interesting experience. The check up lasted an hour. After the physical, the doctor asked her what her favorite food was. We are happy to report that she didn't say cake or candy. (It was chicken, rice, strawberries, and yogurt.)

The doctor wanted her to recite ABCs and Monkey happily sang the ABC Song to her, humming over a few alphabets at some points.

And then the doctor wanted her to count. She happily obliged, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6."

"What is after that?"


"Can you say it?"

She nodded her head.

We prompted her, "Count more. You can do it."

Monkey then gave us the hand, "Tomorrow."

We had to laugh. I hope she is not considered delayed.

The doctor then asked her to draw a circle and a cross. She did that. She was then asked to balance on one foot and hop on one foot. She could do that easily.

Afterward, the nurse tried to give her hearing and vision tests, but Monkey couldn't understand the instructions, so we will be doing that next year.

Thereafter, Monkey celebrated her birthday with her friends at the daycare. She was mad that her friends were eating her cupcake; she doesn't like to share.

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September 07, 2008

Jungle Cruise


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September 04, 2008

Minutes Before Class


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September 03, 2008

Where is Monkey?


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