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December 29, 2005

More Getty

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December 28, 2005

Garden May Be Nice, Cracker Is Better

Katy likes to eat, no doubt about it. At her 15-month checkup today, Katy weighed 28.5 lbs and is about 33" tall. Big girl. The bad news is that she has an ear infection. *SIGH* The parents were really sad to hear the news.

The doc is concerned about her hearing, so he puts her on antibiotics again. Katy doesn't really say words or sentences. We are not really concerned as bilingual babies are usually delayed in language development. The doc didn't know that Katy is bilingual; we will just see when Katy is 5 if she has mastered two languages.

The picture is the water maze garden at Getty, in case you are wondering.

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December 27, 2005

Sunny at 79

We went to the Getty Museum on Saturday. It was sunny at 79 degrees. Hmm, is SoCal worth a $1 million mortgage?

Katy was popular at the museum. We didn't take her to see any artwork. We hung out in the garden. Everyone commented what a cute/big boy she was. Hello, does a boy wear a jacket with FLOWERS on it? We hardly ever corrected strangers. Katy will understand.

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December 26, 2005

Tap Dancing

Katy has a little fever again. We think her canines are coming in.

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December 22, 2005

Reading Fun

It seems that a book can hold her attention better than the tv.

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December 21, 2005


It keeps her entertained for minutes.

We went visit her little counsins over the weekend. Katy's 4-year-old counsin Tim wanted to show Katy how to play with a toy properly. Alas, Katy didn't understand. Everytime when Tim grabbed her hand, she thought he was going to take the toy away and she would start crying. Naturally Tim got scolded by his parents. Poor boy.

We notice that when Katy is upset, she would walk away from people [to a lonely spot] and then cry.

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December 18, 2005

Zoo 2

This photo was taken last week. The weather was terrible this weekend! Rainy and windy. Katy was a little scared at some point.

Katy likes animals. We will take her to the zoo again when the weather is good.

Katy is good at imitating us. She likes to copy funny sounds we make and funny things we do. She is also a brave little monkey; she likes to climb. We think she will be happy to visit her grandparents as they have STAIRS and she can CLIMB!

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December 11, 2005

Zoo 1

We took Katy to the zoo over the weekend. She had a great time. We were there for only an hour, but Katy was quite stimulated. She has never seen so many different animals in one hour!

At one point, she was very excited to see a roaring lion. She screamed and waved her arms frantically, hoping that the lion would look at her. Come to think of it, Katy was more interested in little kids [than the animals] at the zoo.

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December 10, 2005


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December 06, 2005

Future Gamer

We try to put up 10 pictures a month. This month might be difficult, as we still live in the stoneage where wi-fi is not available yet in this household. Each parent has to compete for the internet time, and the one who has homework and exam due wins (or whines?), so no pics for the blog!

And we just notice how filthy the door looks. It is all Katy's fingerpainting.

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December 05, 2005


Katy is either teething on the spoon or sucking a chunck of sweet potato off the spoon.

Last Tuesday, one of the daycare lady's temporary assistants brought a puppy. We were told that Katy loved to play with the puppy. She patted him and was very good with him. She got mad when her daddy picked her up.

Fast forward to yesterday, Erik our red cat was lying on the floor watching us. Katy noticed him and walked toward him. To our astonishment, she started patting him in her own "gentle" way. (She used to grab his hair.) You could tell she tried to be tender with him. Next, she put her cheek next to the back of his head and caressed him. She obviously learned all this at the daycare. I guess at time like this, a daycare is not a bad idea; she gets to expose to different stuff and experiences. It is even more surprising that she remembered how to treat a small animal.

Our cats have been quite tolerant of her. We know Erik likes her a lot; he would "mark" her whenever he gets a chance. Wallace just puts up with her.

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December 02, 2005

New Camera

We got a new camera yesterday and have been checking it out. So far we really like this camera. It has this multi-burst function, and it also records movies with audio. The only downside is that when we do movies, we can't zoom. One of these days, we will figure out a way to post a home video of Katy.

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