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September 29, 2005

Remote Control

She *loves* to play with the remote controls. A coworker suggested that we get a toy remote control for her. Somehow we know she would still play with ours anyway.

Recently we played Baby Signing Time for Katy. She was very excited; she wanted to get close to the television so she could touch the babies. Since both her parents grew up in households where a little kid would get yelled at when sitting too close to the TV, we naturally wouldn't let her.

Katy was MAD. She threw tantrums. We put her in her room as it was near her bedtime anyway. She was so upset that she would rather cry than go to sleep. Eventually she calmed down but both parents were scarred.

The next day, like good modern parents, we googled the effect of sitting too close to the TV. It turned out to be an old wives' tale that doing such would cause bad eyesights. Katy gets to stick her face next to the TV from now on.

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September 27, 2005


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September 24, 2005

Growth Charts

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September 23, 2005


Katy had her checkup yesterday. Big girl!

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September 21, 2005

It's A [Mechanical] Pencil!

And she wouldn't let go of it!

Twelve items we chose are: hand lens, HP 12C financial calculator, camera, Game Boy Advance, hand pruner, wrench, Chinese brush pen, mechanical pencil, ruler, whisk, bandage, and a ball. Some goofy choices, but it is all for fun. We wanted to include handcuffs but we couldn't find a pair, so no law enforcement for her.

For a while, Katy had the pencil in one hand and a ruler in the other. Later, she had the whisk and the pencil. Eventually, she had only the pencil again.

So what does that mean? Will she be a writer? Will she write about the law and then the cooking??

We would like to point out that the pencil in her hand is her daddy's $10 mechanical pencil. It is some mechanical pencil; he uses it to do his statistics homework. So, does that mean Katy will be studying math or stat?

Speaking of statistics, we have some numbers here. (This is for Katy when she is much older.) So far, we have taken nearly 1,800 photos and 11 silent movies of her, totaling 355MB. We have spent about $1,000 a month on her (not including medical expenses and college savings!) and she costs more as she grows older ($400 the first month and $1,300 the very last month). The annual median household income is $53,840 in California. She is pretty expensive to keep; the daycare spikes up the spending.

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September 19, 2005

Two More Days

We went to see Katy on Friday. To our "disappointment," she's forgotten us already! We approached her with our arms out to pick her up, she just stepped back to her grandpa for protection. Later her daddy played her favorite "zombie" game with her and she seemed to remember us.

Saturday was a fun celebration. Katy's little cousins were there. She was so happy to see kids there. Katy made faces and teased them, trying to get them to "play" with her.

Katy's grandparents were sad to see her go, but they needed a break from her tantrums. We sympathize.

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September 15, 2005


Katy likes to crumple up reading materials, which is why she gets mad when she is not able to do so. We also notice that she prefers magazines to her boardbooks. She just loves to play with paper.

We decide to teach Katy sign language to help her communicate better with us. Hopefully it will eliminate her tantrums or at least reduce the frequency. Considering that she is learning two [spoken] languages at the same time, she must be quite frustrated!

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September 13, 2005


Katy has her shopping bag ready; now she just needs credit cards.

Katy is driving her grandparents crazy in SoCal; they are being introduced to baby tantrums. Our bundle of joy can be a handful at times. Her mom and uncle(s) were perfect little babies. Katy is a spirited and strong-willed child.

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September 11, 2005

Lunar Birthday

You can't see in this picture; Katy is actually standing (free of support) and clapping at the same time. She can understand "clap your hands" in Chinese very well.

Today is Katy's first lunar birthday. She is not with us today, but we went to the Macaroni Grill to celebrate as planned. The restaurant has an excellent kids menu; too bad Katy couldn't check it out. Beside going out to celebrate, we also planned to have a traditional first lunar birthday game for Katy: namely, predicting your future. Katy would sit in front of a small area with 12 to 14 items (such as money, book, pen, calcualtor, etc.) to choose from. The item she picked would be the career of her choice. We think it may be a fun game for her to play when she comes back. We will report the result accordingly.

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September 09, 2005

Can't You Be Smaller?

Sometimes Katy has this look on her face as if she is lecturing the poor object in her hand.

Katy is doing well in SoCal. Her grandparents notice that she throws tantrums when she is not getting her way. She would put her hand in the mouth and bite on it. Crying and screaming. Very distressing to see.

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September 07, 2005


K likes to bat the oranges.

As you can see, we went visit SoCal over the long weekend. She didn't like the drive; K would cry every hour or so. Not very comfy for a baby. On Sunday, we introduced her to the world of sushi (not sashimi!) and it didn't seem to agree with her. Well, we think it must have been the sushi, because there is no other explanation for her distressed intestines. We think it is probably the mayo in the sushi. Anyway, K's grandma then cooked some good stuff for her, but she spit it all out. Not a good baby. She didn't like rice at all!!! What is she going to eat when she grows up? We can't keep buying her formula!!

K is in SoCal right now. Her grandparents want to throw her a big birthday bash, so we think it is easier if she stays there for extra two weeks, as riding in the car is no fun for a little baby.

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September 01, 2005

Kilroy Was Here

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