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April 02, 2011

Gift Shopping

Today, Monkey and her sister planned to go get a present for MonkeyMama's birthday tomorrow. The night before (last night that is), MonkeyDaddy consulted with MonkeyMama as where would be the best place to shop for an appropriate gift. Since MonkeyMama does not like things that collect dust, she suggested edibles from WorldMarket. Especially Easter is getting closer, there bound to be tons of baskets to choose from at a reasonable price.

Between last night and this morning, there was a change of the plan. It turned out that Monkey had her own agenda; she really wanted to get some makeup for her mommy. Monkey noticed that MonkeyMommy liked to spend time at Sephora, so she insisted on going there to pick a gift. Naturally MonkeyDaddy related all this back to MonkeyMama. She advised MonkeyDaddy that perhaps some lip stains would be good, but nothing fancy.

They found something right away. According to MonkeyDaddy, they had fun at the store. MonkeyDaddy enjoyed applying lip gloss on Rugrat and lip stain on Monkey. He felt so lucky to have girls. The girls liked to look and touch things. It sounded like a fabulous experience. Too bad MonkeyMama had to sit this one out. The cashier was nice and sweet toward the girls; she even threw in some cologne for MonkeyDaddy. Maybe for his birthday, we can also find something for him at Sephora.

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