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March 12, 2011

A Good Day

Monkey had a good day today, she told us.

It was a good day because we went to the Lego store and bought some toys, then we went to the McD with PlayPlace. The girls had tried very hard to stay nice, so they could play at McD as a reward.

On our walk to the Lego store, Monkey commented on this pretty pink Lego set with horses that she always wanted. MonkeyMama said that she could save her money to buy it. Monkey replied that yes she would do that, but first she would take the picture of it, price tag included, so she knew how much money to save. MonkeyMama was very proud of her. Sadly, they didn't have it at the store.

We planning on going to the park to fly the kites after McD, but one girl really wanted to play with her new Lego toy, so we headed home despite a loud wailing from the other girl.

We could do the park tomorrow. The weekend is not over; we could save some fun for the next day.

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March 11, 2011


Monkey is having trouble dealing with the fact that people often comment on how cute her younger sister is.

MonkeyMama tried to explain to her that it is hard to find an ugly baby. Babies are naturally cute. But by the time when they reach the first grade, not so many kids are that cute. For example, she wouldn't consider [the naughtiest boy in her class] being cute. It follows that when people reach MonkeyMama's age, there are even fewer cute people.

Then MonkeyMama tried to emphasize the fact that faces change, so it is important to work on your brain.

To all what MonkeyMama had said, she simply commented that she wished she had been born at the same time as her sister, so they could have been cute together.

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