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June 30, 2007


We took Katy to see her first movie today. She did really well at the movie theater. We went to the first showing; the only people there were pretty much just families with young children. She was not the only child speaking with an outdoor voice and getting restless. The movie was good but there were dull moments in Katy's opinion. No, we don't think she understood what was going on.

As far as feature-length animations are concerned, I think the only one that can best hold her attention is My Neighbor Totoro. She seems to understand it too. We will have to ask her when she is older.

Based on her performances at the movie today, we are not sure if she is ready for Nutcracker this winter. You see, Katy likes to dance along when characters are dancing on the screen. We might have to wait a little bit.

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June 26, 2007


Katy likes to help around the house.

We have been toilet training Katy for a week. Actually, Katy went to LA last week and her grandma tried to potty train her. We tried one weekend earlier this month, let me tell you, it is pretty stressful. I didn't know potty training would be so hard! Now Katy does not like to relieve in the diaper. She does not want to use the potty either (unsure, afraid of mess, etc.). She would eventually pee on the floor then cry because she made a mess and disappointed us. Didn't know it would be this difficult. It seems like any day now she would "get" it, if only she can get over "making a mess" barrier.

We have been super busy this summer. Tensions are running high. One of us is trying to finish up the graduate school (at least the coursework), so the other is sort of running the household like a single parent. On top of that, it's near the end of the fiscal year at the new job, so everyone at work wants reports and updates. We had to send Katy away for a week to deal with our stresses.

She did quite well at the grandparents' that week. She managed to catch up on her sleep; she didn't seem to have enough sleep before she left. Now that she is back, her old schedule returns. I don't know what happened. She used to go to bed at 7, no later than 8. Now she goes to bed between 9 and 10. Even after adjusting for daylight saving time, it is still a bit too late. Now she is big enough, when we send her to bed early, she just turns on the light and reads. Sometimes she would play with her toys. When she hears us approaching, she turns off the light, runs to her bed, and pretends to be asleep. She is not even 3.

We went to Train Town in Sonoma a couple of weeks ago. No pictures because we didn't stay long. Katy rode the train and the carousel; she loved it! She wished she could have stayed longer but the grandparents wanted to go somewhere else. She was so sad and started bawling. Inspired by this experience, we decided to take her to Disneyland before she turns 3 ('cause it's free). I think she will have a blast. Read this or at least look at the photos. It is a cute story; don't forget the section on Ariel's Grotto below. I think we are most likely to get the SoCal City Pass instead of doing just Disneyland, although she might prefer that. We'll see.

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