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January 09, 2007


(Yes, we also noticed we have been gone for a while, so here is a list of pictures we have been meaning to put up but never got around to - the pics are in the reverse chronological order.)

Katy got her snowshoes and snowboots today. She was very happy. In the picture she didn't look as happy because we wanted to take a picture of her standing still and she didn't like that. Also, now is a good time to tell Grandma that she loves flowers. She picked the dress this morning to put on. What can we do? Yes, we know the dress is out of season (and small too!) but she loves flowers.

Hanging out with mom. Notice the difference in this pic and the one below.

George's Birds by Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey. Needless to say, she liked that.

So what is the difference? We trimmed her hair!

If you are going to spend New Year's in Monterey, you gotta hang out with some sharks at the aquarium! Her daddy is pround to announce that Katy knows the differences between sharks and fish.

Decorating our very first Christmas tree. We had a fabulous Christmas. It is very fun when you have a little kid around.

She is getting better at pouring. We let her play with a tea set in the bath tub and she likes to pour a cup of bath water and offer it to us. It is hard to get her into the bath and it is hard to get her out.

She is also very good at this now. A few months ago, she would be mad at us when she couldn't stack them, now she can do things herself.

Nothing beats garlic peanuts. Her favorite.

A little hug from her cousin Emma.

Some parallel play actions going on.

If you have a Nintendo DS, see if you can get a hold of Electroplankton. It is like a little music maker. You use the stylus to move the planktons around to make a melody. Needless to say, she loves it.

Our daredevil.

Drinking like a big girl. Heavy glass does help, by the way.

Swinging like a big girl. She noticed that some babies wanted to use the baby swings, so she would get off the baby swing and get on the big swing, and then waiting for her turn the moment the baby swing was available again.

Can slide like a big girl too.

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