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July 20, 2011

Piano Teacher

Monkey asked to learn to play piano. MonkeyMama found a piano teacher in the neighborhood on Craigslist.

The teacher was patient and friendly. She asked Monkey why she wanted to learn piano. Was it because she wanted to be able to play music on the piano, perform on stage, or make music? Our creative bug replied, "Make music."

She then asked Monkey about her music preference, whether there was a style of music that appealed to her or a musician. Monkey did not really have much exposure to music. She asked about going to operas, but we told her she had to wait until she could read. She sat there for the longest time, unable to answer the teacher's question. Finally she said, "Michael Jackson."

MonkeyMama thought she would say Backyardigans or the likes, Michael Jackson was quite unexpected. The explanation here is that we have Michael Jackson video game and DVD. She is quite familiar with his music and death.

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