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August 24, 2009

First Day of School


Monkey was so excited; she couldn't wait to go to school.

She was very protective of Rugrat. Monkey told her that if [Rugrat] got hurt, [Rugrat] should call her like 'A-y'. At the daycare, they had to lure Rugrat elsewhere so Monkey could go to school.

Monkey is signed up for the afternoon class. We think it is better for her because she doesn't have to get up early, although she would lose her afternoon nap.

The daycare lady was there with us. She was a bit teary. As far as she is concerned, Monkey is her baby too; she has been taking care of her since Monkey was 8 months old.

When MonkeyMama prepared a "healthy" snack for her to take to school, she thought it would be nice if she could stay at home, she would then be able to make those fancy lunch meals. These Japanese moms are really something!! Oh well, maybe when Rugrat starts school...

So this is what Monkey ended up with:
Fairly healthy.

Getting ready to go to the classroom.

Yeah, she is one of the tallest kids in the class.

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