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October 09, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Katy's mom has a couple of days off between jobs, so she decided to take Katy to Bishop Pumpkin Farm again.

It was fun. Katy had a good time. But based on the recent experiences, Katy's parents are less inclined to take Katy places. It is just too hard to get her to leave.

Yeah, we will be one of those parents who leave kids with relatives while going on fancy vacations all over places.

Shouldn't kids be punished for whiny bratty behaviors? Before Katy learns to shape up, it will be years before she sees another pumpkin.

Besides, when we return from our future trips, we can show her pictures of our great time. Hopefully it will encourage her to go out make her own money and have her own experiences when she grows up. You don't want kids to be too comfortable or they will never leave.

So Katy's mom finally left her stressful job. Yes, all jobs are stressful, but this one was especially so because everyone in the department was an *essential* employee. There was no doubt about the job security, but the downside is when the holiday season comes around, only one person is allowed to take time off. Katy's mom was not sure about waiting for six or seven years for her turn to take time off around holidays. Maybe she could call in sick. But it is all done.

Katy's mom thought about becoming a stay-at-home parent before she found a new job. It was a difficult decision. Of course she was aware of the fact that life as a stay-st-home mom wouldn't be all peachy. There would be stresses of a different kind.

Quite frankly, Katy's mom does best if the kid goes to daycare while she stays at home. She doesn't do well with little children. Her patience is running real thin when a child whines and screams. So it is of everyone's best interest if she keeps working until Katy goes to school full-time. Daycares or preschools are too expensive on one salary.

Further, if Katy's mom stopped working right now, Katy's dad would have to work another 30 years. No layoffs, no illness, no disability, no nothing. Must keep working for 30 more years. Seems like a tall order to fill. Many people have done it, but it is too risky for this family.

And it is not like Katy's daddy is in a career path that fully utilizes his skills and interests. It is best to wait until he finds something suits him better or he would end up taking a job that pays well that he hates.

By our calculations, if Katy's mom keeps working for another seven years and Katy's dad works for seven more after that, we will have the luxury to choose to work. Katy will possibly have not just one but two stay-at-home parents in her teen years. All teenagers dream of that.

[MonkeyDaddy editorial note: Do all teens dream of two stay-at-home parents? Do any?]

Posted by Mike at October 9, 2007 04:37 PM


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